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磯崎生活    不只是這樣


About Jici--The seeds of growth


JLike many young people, Xiaolong left his tribal home and went on to establish a career in the city. After working elsewhere, he realised how much he cherished his original home, Jici tribe, and did he realise the importance of this land and its rich history. Therefore, he made the decision to leave his career in the city and return to Jici, with the aims of protecting the tribe’s culture for the next generation and to establish long-term sustainable growth within the tribe.


The topography of Jici



Jici Village is long and narrow, and spans less than 10km from north to south. Due to Dabishi Mountain (literal meaning: Big Stone Nose Mountain) separating 1.3km of coastline and 1.5km of cliffs, the marine resources here are richly abundant. Also, due to the mountainous terrain, resources from the forests are also in abundance. This area is not only rich in marine and forest resources, but more importantly, it is also the home of the Amis, Bunun, Sakizaya and Kavalan peoples, making this area full of cultural depth and diversity.



Core values of the tribe

{ 土地資源的維護 }


Protecting the natural resources of the land

 A while ago, there was a case of a paragliding company arbitrarily chopping down trees on Jici’s tribal land without any warning or permission because they wanted the space to land their paragliders. In addition, the coastline erodes significantly year after year. These happenings cause members of the tribe to raise their heads and take significant notice and action because they want to protect this precious land, Jici, that is their home.

{ 找回流失的文化 }


{Finding back the cultural knowledge }

Most young people stay in big cities for living, that means the interruption of  cultural inherit, start documenting the cultural ritual and knowledge、find the way to lead the local development is a race of  time.

{ 感受土地的溫度 }


{ The touch of the land }

The speed development of technology make the distance of land, we forget the feeling and warmth from the land, being a part of tribe by participate or visit, find back the intimates with the land and people.

{ 適度開發 }


Exploitation in moderation

To protect the eco environment and maintain the quality of tourism by limit the number of tourist.